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Fast and inexpensive legionella ellimination:

Immediate help through sterilising your drinking water system – efficient and reliable.

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Permanent and reliable water sterilisation plus purification with solutions from ActiDes.

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Specialised solutions for farmers, real-estate and medical facilities – licensed and „Made in Germany“.

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Long term experienced in the area of sterilising drinking water systems.

Our 3 solutions for long lasting water purification

Water testing

In terms of health, a water testing is necessary to ensure a high standard of living and to avoid diseases. According to the German Drinking Water Ordinance a water testing at regular intervals of not more than 3 years must be carried out in order to meet the legal requirements of the health authorities.

In addition to public institutions, mainly commercial operators such as restaurants or private owners of property are obliged to conduct regular water tests.

Read more about water testing with ActiDes.

Acute flushing

Fast and safe abatement of all kinds of germs, bacterias, viruses, spores and fungal disseminations.

In only one day our expert teams will remove all contamination efficiently and sustainable - especially Legionellas, using acute flushing.

After the employment of an acute flushing we recommend applying Acute+ to secure long-term water safety.

Read more about acute flushing with ActiDes.

Water safety

Sustainable ActiDes solutions gurantuee a permanently high water quality. Biofilm is a thin mucous layer, establishing at problematic areas of the pipeline systems. Here bacterias and germs can lodge and contaminate the drinking water.

Removing the biofilm adds significantly to the quality of the drinking water.

Read more about water safety with ActiDes.

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